Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bot for Captcha Site

you can download the software HERE 

You will need to activate your ID and PASS before you can use it 

You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed on your computer to run this software 
And here is .Net Framework 4.0 just in case you need it 

I'm offering to you to activate your Megatypers and Protypers ID for free to use with this software 
What you have to do is REGISTER using my invitation code (RPD

Then send me an email (komandanpasukan.lilin@yahoo.com) of your email you use for MT/PT, password, and what captcha (Megatypers or Protypers) 



note : I won't store your password, and I won't steal your account 
if you want admin panel, then PM me 

if you want activate your KOLOTIBALO, KOLOTEAM, PIXPROFIT, QLINKGROUP, LOOKANDEARN, TYPETHAT, TYPEIT, CAPTCHA2CASH, CAPTCHATYPERS for this software, then it will cost you 1$ per 5 ID (you can mixed it)
send me email
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